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Kitchen Styles - French Character

1. European Eloquence 

Eluding the norm, this 1940’s inspired kitchen presents an eclectic style borrowed from a diversity of cultures around the world.

Kitchen Styles - European Eloquence

Kitchen Styles – European Eloquence

Eclectic and imaginative, this masterpiece was inspired by the late 1940’s, art deco theme that dominated the rest of the home. Sporting ornamental fittings and splashes of colour throughout, the kitchen blends functionality with classic style while providing all the benefits of ample storage.

From its humble beginnings as a dark and dreary cooking cave, it was the innovation and background in the history of art and architecture that enabled this space with the rest of the home.

The black and white diamond tiled floors are a beautiful choice of flooring, reflecting the traditional European piazzas and adding an element of class to this multifaceted design. Adding colour to the design is the warm, red backsplash that runs the lenght of the back wall and part of the side. Dark timber cabinetry takes pride of position around the kitchen, providing ample storage space and room to display cookbooks and appliances when not in use. In addition, the wine storage compartments embedded into the feature granite island counter match the ‘cubed’ styling of the cabinetry above.

One of the most prominent features of the kitchen however, is the large fixed window that is centred behind the cook-top and range hood. With a vision to brighten the area, a seldom used doorway was successfully converted into this wonderful new window. Bricked up to the height of the gorgeous African Black Granite counter top, it now provides ample light to the kitchen for cooking during the day when lights needn’t be used.

For times when lights are necessary, beautiful Grecian styled light fixtures have been selected to continue the home’s classic and dramatic theme, while ‘ornamental express’ by Laminex was used on some of the vertical surfaces of the kitchen to mirror the use of wrought iron that features around the home.

Kitchen Styles - European Eloquence

Kitchen Styles – European Eloquence

The intricacy and fine craftsmanship of the cabinetry in this design comes courtesy of the owner. During the conceptualisation, construction and installation stages, the owner ensured that the level of detail and quality inherent in the kitchen’s design was reflected vividly in his kitchen cabinetry.

Functional, stylish and innovative are three words to describe this kitchen, decorated with diversity and brightened through innovation to create a magnificient that defies modern clinical design.

2. Fit for Family

Kitchen Styles - Fit for family

Kitchen Styles – Fit for family

Designed with a young, energetic family in mind, this bold kitchen by Enoki presents a bright, functional design with a wealth of space, to stand the test of time.

Constructed by Abignail Nelson, the exciting variety of materials chosen for this project are of high durability and effectively eliminate the need for maintenance.

With a full wall of windows, the room is given a naturally lit atmosphere and a revitalising ambience. These elements rank high in a home such as this one, where the kitchen is used as the central hub.

Carried through from the rest of the home, gorgeous, wide limed American Oak floorboards feature in the kitchen, allowing for a visual flow from room to room and avoiding physical definitions.

One of the greatest features of the home is its ability to open up to the outdoor entertainment and dining area. Trackless bi-fold windows open to an outdoor servery, allowing for easy catering in the summer when friendly gatherings are abundant.

Kitchen Styles - Fit for family

Kitchen Styles – Fit for family

The kitchen itself has been constructed thoughtfully in every aspect, with plenty of storage space; the joinery was designed with bulk drawer storage in the horizontal areas and in the pantry.

Split into two sections, the bench features a dining area, and an all-purpose area with the former made from Snow CaesarStone and the latter from solid postform concrete. Both foster beauty and uniqueness, with standalone character.

3 French Character 

Kitchen Styles - French Character

Kitchen Styles – French Character

This French Provincial house wants to decor their kitchen with the “wow” factor, seamlessly integrating the kitchen with the family room with function and serviceability at the fore. Italian Calacatta white marble is strikingly beautiful fabric that covers the bechtops and backsplash. These slabs were hand selected so that the grain is integrated wherever possible.

Sensitive to the French provincial style of the house, the American Oak floors laid in a Chevron Pattern spread underfoot a most wonderfully rich and warm surface that makes for an elegant canvas upon which the kitchen resides.

What is truly clever about this kitchen decor is the way it brings together effortlessly, classic provincial style with a modern aesthetic. The clean white kitchen cabinetry and overhead glassed cupboards seem to exist in perfect harmony with the contemporary look of the marble, each element of the grand space speaking elegance, class and sophistication.


Kitchen Styles - French Character

Kitchen Styles – French Character


Italian Calacatta white marble.

Backsplash & Rangehood Cover:
Italian Calacatta white marble.

Villaroy and Boch

2 Pac finish from Research Joinery

American Oak Flooring Chevron Pattern

Draw/Cupboard Mechanisms:
Bloom Australia

Cooktop and wall oven by Miele


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