Bathroom Renovation Cost

Tackling the Bathroom Renovation

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Bathroom Renovation Cost

You’re dreaming on a bathroom spa retreat in your own home.  And finally you decide to make the leap, turning those dreams into reality.  Renovations and remodeling projects can be intimidating – the bathroom renovation cost, the intensity of the job, the nerve wracking design decisions to make (will you love this a year from now, how about 5?), but with proper research and planning it can go smoothly.  Here are some important considerations as you plan your bathroom remodel:

The scope of the job

How big a project is your bathroom remodel?  Are you knocking down walls to make a bigger bathroom?  Are you changing the layout of an existing bathroom?  Or are you putting a bathroom where before there was none?

There are important structural, electrical and plumbing considerations that grow with the scope of your project.  For instance, if you’re renovating the bathroom for the first time in fifty years, expect to uncover water damage to structural joists and posts.  While no fun to put your money where you can’t see it, you need a structurally sound bathroom.  Relatedly do yourself the favor of addressing any mold issues you uncover properly.  The health – and home resale – ramifications of not doing so are just too big.

Bathroom Renovation Cost

The bathroom renovation budget is a very important aspect. Do your research and create a realistic budget and timeline you’ll stick too. If you’re a DIY kind of family, good for you! Doing work yourself is the best way to save money, but be very clear about what you can tackle on a weekend.  If you’re remodeling the main bathroom in the house, it can be a pain to live for an extended period without it.  Also know your limits weekend warriors, plumbing and electrical are not the best things to try and tackle blind.

The Must Have List

It’s your home spa after all and you’re committed to a big project now.  So decide what you really, really want.  If you’re like most people, your budget won’t let you have it all, but if you’re clear on what elements are important to you it will make some of those decisions easier.  For example, if soaking in a luxurious tub is heaven to you, then you might forgo the stand alone shower for a soaker tub with jets if space is an issue.

If you’re environmentally conscious, low flow toilets, special facets and shower heads are good places to put your money.  Even underfloor heating can be an energy-saving element that you know you’ll love (if you live in a cooler climate)

Here are a few DIY tips for the easy to tackle elements:


  • Do prime first.  This helps seal the drywall, keeping moisture away, so important in a bathroom
  • Choose a Mildew-Resistant paint, especially in damper bathrooms.


  • Remove old tile with a chisel.  This isn’t a hard job, but it will be time consuming.
  • Once your old tiles have been removed, be sure to clean the surface well ensuring it’s smooth and free of debris and grease.  New tile will not stick to a dirty surface
  • Be sure to measure your floor accurately (a couple of times!) before you cut your tiles or lay your adhesive.
  • Bathroom floor tile should be laid from the middle of the room out and include your spaces for each.
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