Home Improvement Ideas

By Patri's awesome husband

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Home Improvement Ideas

Home Improvement IdeasĀ 

Home Improvements on a budget takes time and good planning. You can do it yourself of course or hire a contractor, in either case make sure of all the costs involved before starting your renovations.

When we bought our first house back in the 90s I can tell you that it was not a brand new house. But when my little family moved in it became immediately our home sweet home. It was not a fancy house of course and frankly it was quite small but it was ours. After only one week of living in it we started to find problems related to the water system like leaky faucets and other defects related to poorly insulated windows, to name only a few.

Then one night after the two kids were sound asleep, Patricia and I sat at the kitchen table and wrote a list of things to be done regarding the house. The urgent things to be fixed were on top of the list then came the less urgent ones and at the bottom we started to write the home improvements that we would like to see in the coming years, our dreams improvements sort of things. You see, when you live in a house after a while, it becomes your home and then it becomes more then that, it is a place where you can build and improve upon your dreams.

So we opened a bottle of wine and each took a piece of paper, my wife and I drank a glass and we let all the ideas and dreams come out of our head without restrictions and lay them on the paper. Wine helping, the list was getting longer as the bottle of wine was getting empty.

After an hour of brain storming, when we really ran out of ideas, projects and improvements and nothing else was coming to mind, we stopped and start laughing. We knew we did not have the money to hire a home improvement professional or a contractor, we were on a tight budget. But we knew that if we took our time and one step at a time we could do a lot of the home improvements ourselves especially with the help of a few friends along the way. A case of beer and a few large pizzas can accomplish marvelous things over a weekend with the help of few good friends.

On Patri’s list was remodeling the kitchen starting with the counter top, then the floor covering and the cupboards. The bathroom was next with a new modern bath, countertop as well and ceramic on the floor. On my list there were wooden floors in the living room with a nice fireplace and a bay window, and wooden floor in the family room which we had to build first as an extension to the house. A nice deck with patio furnitures and a large barbecue was a must for me.

There were a lot more home improvements on the list of course but it was a matter of doing them one at a time and we were sure that our home would be the reflection of our own personalities. It would be a joy to live in it for years to come. The side benefit was of course the resale value of our home because with all these home improvements, the price would go up and we would make a nice profit selling it, but it was certainly not for tomorrow…

On paper, everything seemed so clear and easy, but we found out that it took planning and dedication to complete our home improvements projects. Actually it took almost five years to complete them, a bit longer than expected, do we regret it? Not a second because when we look back at what we had at the beginning and what we have now, its like day and night. Our two kids have their own bedroom, my wife has a beautiful kitchen and a dream bathroom, I have my wooden flooring, my fireplace and of course my superbe barbecue that sits proudly on the nicest wooden deck that you ever seen. All my friends are proud also because they contributed to the success of all these home improvements projects. We have a lot of fun in summer time sitting outside, having a nice dinner and remembering all the anecdots throughout the years, and there are quite a few!

Everyday we enjoy our home and we just have to tell you that if you have a small house, just sit down with a bottle of wine and let your imagination run wild. Years later you will look back and the years spent renovating your home will be golden memories to be shared with your friends…

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